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Kalizea opens a new corn processing factory in Romania

Kalizea opens a new corn processing factory in Romania

Kalizea RomaniaThe first grains of corn have been shipped to the new production site in Slobozia, in the south-east of Romania !
Kalizea is Europe's second biggest corn processing specialist. With an expected production capacity of 70,000 tonnes by 2021, this new plant will further increase its corn processing capacity.

"This new location will strengthen our ties with European customers and increase our export opportunities," explains Kalizea’s managing director Charles L'HELGOUALC'H.

A veritable entrepreneurial adventure, with the total renovation and reconfiguration of the production site, everything began in January 2017. It took nearly 13 months to turn this former wheat mill into a highly efficient corn processing plant. 43,500 man-hours were needed, with 10 semi-trailers of equipment and material and 6 km of welded or connected pipes, to renovate nearly 12,000 m².

"The result is the fruit of Kalizea's historical expertise, accumulated over 40 years in corn processing, and the strong commitment of our technical teams to make this Romanian production site a real technological model," adds Kalizea's industrial director, Pierre BROTIER.

With a milling capacity of nearly 200,000 tons, spread over three major corn production regions in France (Pringy), Poland (Siechnice), and now in Romania, Kalizea has reached a new dimension. Its international development will give it greater visibility and the ability to support key accounts in their growth, by offering them the same product quality in different countries and the guarantees they expect in terms of reliability of supply.

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