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Looking for a range of healthy and delicious products ?

Discover the nutritional benefits of maize germ.
With notes of hazelnut and toasted grains it adds a creative touch to your products.
A clean label, authentic, and premium product that is controlled and traceable from field to fork and guaranteed GMO-free.


What is Nutrigerm® ?

Nutrigerm® is a range of products made from maize germ and guaranteed GMO-free. Our natural extraction and toasting process gives our products distinctive notes of hazelnut and toasted grains.
Extracted from the most vital part of the maize grain, Nutrigerm® lends your products a wide variety of nutritional benefits.

From field to fork

Based on its regional roots and its strong ties with the farming world, for over thirty years KALIZEA has developed...

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Expertise technique et innovation produit

Innovation by nature

For KALIZEA , know-how and innovation is above all a story of the people involved throughout the production ...

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Responsabilité durable et sociétale

Social and sustainable

Now more than ever, preserving the environment is a key mission for all the Group's employees. This mission...

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Gestion des risques

Risk management

In a competitive environment where agricultural markets are becoming more and more volatile and difficult to understand...

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