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Corn grits and semolina

One of the main qualities of the maize grain is its high level of good quality starch.

With less than 1 % of fat and more than 90 % of fermentable extract, our maize grits are widely used by brewers, in addition to malt, to increase their products' fermentability. It also facilitates filtration, improves colloidal stability, and contributes to the beer's body and brilliance.

Semoule gritz de maïs

Its starch content and its characteristic structure, combined with the golden colour of the vitreous part of the grain means that the use of maize semolina is beneficial for many food-processing industries that involve lamination-baking and extrusion-baking.

The most coaSemoules hominies corn-flakesrse semolinas, known as hominies, are perfectly purified and calibrated and are used to produce "Corn flakes" or "puffed snacks".

The most refined semolinas, depending on the desired grain size, can be used to produce a wide range of extruded products for breakfast cereals, savoury snacks, or cereal bars.

Ingredients & applications

Ingrédients & applications