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Flour and germs for animal feed

The care afforded to selecting our raw materials to meet the strictest requirements of the food industry also benefits our animal feed products.

Degermed flour or second flourDegermed flour or second flour, mostly made up of starch, is mixed with bran to form complete feed products for livestock (cow, pigs, and poultry).
This product is sold in the form of pellets and is very popular for all types of livestock production.

Maize germ oilcakeMaize germ oilcake, high in protein and fat, is used in compound feed like "all mash". It is essentially a source of energy and protein, intended to fatten up cows between birth and finishing.
Its characteristic smell makes feed more appetising and its composition contributes to the animals' wellbeing and helps produce tasty meat with real character.

All our products are made up exclusively of maize fractions and :

  • are highly digestible
  • are GMP+ and HACCP certified
  • are OGM-free
  • comply with the most stringent safety and quality standards


Ingredients & applications

Ingrédients & applications

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