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Technical expertise and product innovation

For KALIZEA, know-how and innovation is above all a story of the people involved throughout the production and processing chain and their passion for maize.

It is nevertheless apparent that our markets are changing more and more quickly and require us to be continuously attentive to our customers' needs.

For this, KALIZEA promotes continuous experimentation and is open to the world and new technologies to be more efficient and more creative.

This continuous improvement policy is driven by a multidisciplinary R&D department. It is also expressed through alliances within the group or with external partners who are experts in their fields.

Innovation originates in the choice of seed varieties. Every year, a group of experts evaluate the varieties that are best suited to the local climate and soil, and which provide the best agronomic yield, quality and industrial results.

It is also present in the continuous improvement of our production processes, to be more and more efficient and respectful of the environment.

And finally, it involves the development of a multitude of products, all derived from maize through natural processes, with no additives.

KALIZEA's range offers a variety of ingredients with unique colours, flavours, and properties.


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For KALIZEA , know-how and innovation is above all a story of the people involved throughout the production ...

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